Cloud Backup

Pegasus Business Cloud has arrived to strengthen our solutions proposition and bridge the way into the future. With cloud implementations growing exponentially across all industry and business sectors, demand for this solution has been increasing.

Pegasus Business Cloud is an exciting and important addition to our product portfolio. It is a flexible, secure and reliable infrastructure which provides the technology to run your Opera 3 business and accounting solutions in the Cloud. Whether in the office or in the field, on a desktop, laptop or an iPad, you can have instant access to your company's information.

Cloud computing refers to software, platforms and infrastructure that are sold as a service, on a remote basis and on a monthly payment arrangement. So instead of your server and software sitting inside your company's network, it is provided by another company and accessed from any device which has an internet connection.

Cloud can offer numerous benefits for organizations of all sizes, but for SME's in particular, it represents a very strong fit. The key point is that there are no upfront software licensing costs or recurring annual maintenance costs and no new hardware required. Running costs are rolled up into a simple monthly fee for using the hosting service.

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