Opera 3

Winner of the 2014 Excellence Award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, ¨Opera 3¨ is the flagship of our accounting based business software.

Customers for this product span a diverse collection of industries, and range from SME businesses seeking a standard accounting solution, to larger organisations requiring a highly tailored information system.

Opera's strength lies in its versatility.

Because Opera is modular, you only buy those functions required for your current business needs. As your business grows, Opera grows with you. In this way, Opera is composed to suit your organisation, rather than your organisation having to adjust to your system.

Traditionally there have been accounting systems for the finance function and separate systems to provide management information. The classic dilemma has always been how to integrate these two fundamental requirements in an efficient way. Opera solves this by integrating financial and management information, resulting in a powerful accounting based business system with an extensive range of features that enables information and reports to be presented in the form which best suits your company needs.

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